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With over 30 years of experience providing full-scope business solutions, our team of experts helps you achieve your business goals. Specializing in Startups, LLC setups, taxes, and business consulting, we will help you build a solid, scalable foundation for your business.

Who Are We?

We’re Tax Consultants That Offer Full-Scope Business and Wealth Management Solutions.
We help self-employed, independent contractors and managers save on taxes and grow wealth through a custom plan specific to your needs and goals. With 22 years of professional tax preparation, our IRS-certified enrolled agents have helped clients grow businesses and increase their income. It’s time to save money, build your business, and sleep easy! We develop tax-saving and wealth-building strategies tailored to your goals and dreams!

Top-Notch Customer Service

We provide excellent customer service, resulting in high client retention.
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Who We Serve

We serve businesses and groups who want to improve their results and guide them where they want to go. Our clients range from startups to medium-sized companies.
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Professional Tax Preparation

We’ve been helping business owners, individuals, and entrepreneurs make wise business and tax-relevant decisions. Our services include establishing a business model suited to your goals, setting up the right financial plan, business structure, tax preparations, and more. To help business owners achieve their dream, our expertise holds a high standard of delivering effective business consulting and accounting duties.

Make A Professional Tax Preparation and Business Management Difference

We are more than just taxes! We help you reach your financial goals!
We have a customized strategy to meet each of our client’s demands. Our knowledgeable and experienced team makes sure you have a reliable and tax-compliant business structure so you can concentrate on running your business efficiently. Our goal is to help business owners save time and money while leading growth to their businesses. Considering the challenges of building and running a business, don’t yield to your bottom line. Make a free consultation call today to learn how we can help you move one step closer to your goals.


We understand you may have a few questions about running a business as one of the top business and tax consultants in our area, each of our clients receives personal and professional attention.
It is the highest credential the IRS gives to a tax professional. Only EAs are required to demonstrate their competence (thru testing) in all areas of taxation. CPAs & Attorneys may or may not specialize in taxation. However, all EAs specialize in taxation and have unlimited representation rights before the IRS in all 50 states. EAs are required to complete 72 hours of continuing education.

#1 Asset protection.  Let’s protect everything you have worked so hard for.

#2 Tax savings.  An LLC will pay for itself with tax savings.

#3 Financial Planning.  An LLC offers opportunities to provide coverage for life’s challenges while getting you lower prices and creating opportunities for growth, investing and diversification.

#4 When you run a business like a business, it pays you like a business.  When you run a business like a hobby, it pays you like a hobby.  A proper foundation leads to success.

  • Protection for life’s troubles
  • Reduced costs
  • Tax Savings
  • More income
  • Security
  • We teach the client 
  • We help clients make informed decisions about their business, financial and tax situations
  • Two heads are better than one.  We work with you to make sure all bases are covered so you can make the best choice (for you and your business) to help you reach your financial goals.
  • Our service teaches you how to run your business and how to keep your books at a basic level.  You get a free education and the tools needed to reduce your taxes while getting a personal consultant to help you as you grow your business.

We will help you develop a plan to achieve all of the following:

  • Increased income
  • Security 
  • Confidence you are doing the right thing
  • Reaching your goals
  • Increased growth opportunities

We are beside you the entire way to answer questions, research your specific issue (when needed), and adjust the plan or course when life changes.  We are your partner at the start, throughout the process, and at the end when it is time to retire.


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Biz Tax Strategy aims to assist business owners in resolving their issues and providing solutions to ensure a development strategy and sustainable growth. We also want to help you overcome challenges, create better working environments, and equip you with the resources and education needed to be successful. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, we provide a wide range of business, tax preparation, accounting, and wealth-building solutions. Contact us to learn more about our professional services.

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