Biz Tax Strategy


How to reduce them and build wealth

Presentation Outline

Changes To Personal Tax Returns

8 x ½ < 2 = irs math makes things simple
Let’s look at the whole personal tax & income picture
Standard deduction increases
Now it’s: single = $12,000 hoh = $18,000 mfj = $24,000
Personal exemptions are gone!
Few will itemize. No simple way to reduce your taxes
Child tax credit is 2,000/1,400
Aotc maximum expense deduction is $4,000 of $25,000+ expenses
Aotc for 3 earning $45,000 & 529 plans or what?

Self Employed, 1099 Misc, Etc.

Self employed, 1099 misc, etc.
File schedule c and your expenses are limited, restricted or require time consuming record keeping.
Qbi may reduce your taxable income, but at what price?
Qbi can save some of the extra uncle sam support
Schedule c – the most audited irs form. 4% or 2 – 5% individual = 1.1% & s – corp = .42%

Asset Protection & Tax Savings

Inside & outside asset protection
Opportunity to provide benefits & plan for the future
Basic tax savings
Improve the lives of your family members
Create passive income – not all income is equal!
Change and expand your opportunities
Expanded tax savings

Tax Preparer Or Tax Planner?

Tax preparers prepare what you bring them w/o asking questions
Tax planners
The key to tax planning is…………. “it depends.” on what? “it depends” on your situation, circumstances, goals & desires
Ask questions about your life & goals give you advice develop a plan to save taxes and achieve your goals prepare you for the future answer your questions explain eveything so you can make informed decisions

Pay Less Tax By Making More

Side hussle or business?
Extra income can mean extra write offs & tax savings
Employee benefits make your life better
Invest in your future
Enjoy peace of mind
Watch your dreams come true
Do what you want to do

How Tax Planning Builds Wealth

Income type changes taxes owed & can increase write offs
Earnings invested in retirement funds will save taxes & open doors
Tax savings invested correctly saves even more
Taxes before & after investment
Plan for today & tomorrow because “it depends”
Tax free investments = tax free income
Few estates will pay an inheritance tax

It’s T.I.M.E. To Build The Future You Want

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